Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Updates and Such

So I totally suck at updating this thing in any reasonable sense. It was a very busy period since February of last year through the end of the year. My son, Andrew, was born in April and a lot cascaded from that event, as you'd expect. Summer vacation was then upon us and a lot of things cropped up meaning that nothing happened with OttoJotts. Then the new school year was upon us and then Halloween and then Turkey Day and then Christmas (holy crap where did December go?!) and then New Year's. Wow.
So now it's 2012. The end of the world will be upon us in 352 days so I better get cracking on this game. What's on tap for right now is finishing up the two-player games which are started (mostly it's just friend management right now) and getting out Alpha 4 with those and then getting the rest of the functionality into Alpha 5 so I can get Beta 1 polished and out the door. The goal for Alpha 4 is to be out to testers by the end of February, Alpha 5 by Memorial Day, and the final game by Independence Day. What? You don't measure your year by holidays?
So that's the plan. It looks good on paper and may actually be do-able. We'll have to see. I just feel that there's an awful lot left to do and this really, sadly, isn't my full-time job. It's not even really a part-time job what with playing dad with the kiddos and stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to devote some more time to getting this project done. I've only got like 5 other ideas I want to get working on before the world ends in, *checking* yup, 352 days.