Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I've been thinking about something that I need to make sure I address. The trouble is that I don't have as much information about deployed App Store apps as I need. Here's the conundrum.
I Wizards/Mages/Samantha players can purchase items that will "buff" their characters. In particular, they can purchase artifacts and mana gems (mana gems replenish a portion or all of your mana pool). Of course players can use up their mana gems (one use per gem), so they may want to purchase more. But how best to handle that? I could, when a player purchases the mana gem pack, provide some local data about the transaction completing. Then I need to worry about jailbroken phones where they can remove that transaction data. So then what? What options exist for ensuring that players are only allowed one use for the purchased app?
This is where I'm hoping that someone else may have some ideas about dealing with this. I believe that addmired (makers of iMob, iKnights, iVampires, and Girl Wars) has managed to address this. I don't believe that I get notification of purchases so I can't trigger off that somehow. Honestly, I'm at a bit of a loss and I'm having trouble finding out how others have addressed the problem (if they have).
Something else that I need to think about is that I don't want to have 500 different expansion packs available for the game. I may have a couple of "artifact" packs that allow you to pay different amounts to get different types of artifacts. For example, you can but the $1.99 artifact pack that gives you some low-power artifacts. Or you can buy the $4.99 pack that gives you some more powerful artifacts. I think it would be a choice of which artifact from the list you want to get, but since you could buy the pack more than once (and thereby acquire more than one artifact from the list), I still need to address it.
Hopefully someone has some ideas I can explore or knows of a blog where someone posted up this issue and their resolution. Thanks!