Tuesday, June 16, 2009


It's been an interesting few hours. What I can say definitively is that I miss the debugging capabilities of Visual Studio. While Xcode is free and has some wonderful capabilities, the debugging utilities seem to be a bit behind the Windows dev tools.
One of the nice things is that I do have a copy of the manual for GDB (the debugger that Xcode uses). My printed copy is, however, from 1992. :) Still, it's been helpful in finding out where my code's crashing (Xcode doesn't seem to want to associate actual source code with a failure). That said, I'm still no closer to resolving the navigation issues I'm experiencing. Hopefully today I'll be able to get that completed and move onto the next story.
The good news for me is that Cathy is at summer camp today with Franklin Friends. It's a great program and fantastic price ($29/day) compared to some of the Waldorf options ($40/day and not a full day at that). There are some benefits for that extra $11, but the drive alone (45 minutes) makes it just untenable.  I'm happy with Franklin Friends and it's good for Cathy to play with kids in the neighborhood given that she doesn't go to school in it. :) What this means in the end, though, is that for two days a week I get a full day to work on work.
Anyway, back to trying to figure out why I'm apparently releasing something I shouldn't be releasing. Wish me luck.