Wednesday, June 10, 2009


So today was pretty much going to be shot, but I never realized how shot it would be until I now reflect on it. First thing is that today was Cathy's last day as a Kindergardener! YAY! She is officially a first grader starting in August. Whew. :) The graduation was sweet and precious and memorable. Good thing I was able to capture it with pictures and video. She was "knighted" into first grade and her first teacher, Mrs. Reinhart, was there to see the last of the students she shepherded in pre-K move on to first grade. It was bittersweet at times, but it was a great time.
We then went to lunch with the family of one of Cathy's best friends at La Fiesta. GREAT food - I highly recommend it. Everything was very fresh and it was quite filling. We ended up bringing home some of the chip dip...
After that was a visit to Dr. Edvin Manniko, an optometrist. When Waldorf looked at her readiness for first grade they noted that she seemed to be having some trouble with focusing her eyes on near objects. The good doctor confirmed that she was far-sighted, so we need to get her some glasses. They also recommended some therapy to help her eyes focus better and more consistently. There's a possibility that she'll be able to do without the glasses if the therapy goes well. It seems that I may have experienced a little of this myself growing up but managed to get through it. Apparently only 12% of farsighted people get through college without corrective lenses. I might be part of that class of individuals. Then again, maybe I just like being special. :)
On the way home from the doctor I got soooooo incredibly sleeeeeeeeeppppppy that I almost had trouble driving. We made it by early evening, but I was so wiped I practically passed out once we got in the house. And then I very quickly forgot that I was supposed to go help teach Taekwondo this evening. Whoops. :( So I called to apologize, but that doesn't make up for spacing it so badly. Yes, it was a long day, but still I'm disappointed in myself. :(
Now it's about 20:00 and I'm exhausted but mentally still focusing okay. I'm going to finish up the profile summary changes and get those checked into git. I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I did finally get some SCM (software configuration management) going and am running git to track revisions. I have to say - it is damn fast. I'm very happy that one of my former co-workers at HID found it. Otherwise I'd be stuck with Subversion or CVS or something crappy. :) We used Mercurial at Maptek, but I knew that git was a bit more favorable over Mercurial from my HID days. And Linus Torvalds uses it, so that seems like a good endorsement to me. :)
Anyway, Cathy will be starting at Franklin Friends next week. Just a couple of days a week as we can't afford to send her full time. I just think it will be very difficult to get a lot done when I don't just want to sit Cathy down in front of a TV all day but I also can't afford to spend all day playing with her and getting nothing done on Samantha/Wizards. :( It's a bit of a conundrum, but I hope that her friend Ashley will spend a lot of time over here playing with her so I can get things done. *sigh* We'll see, I guess. Best laid plans and all that. With Franklin Friends I at least have two days a week where I'll have the house to myself, so to speak. :)
More to come later, I suppose. Hopefully the next few days will be very productive and I can get spells and inventories worked out. Hasta for now.