Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Simple Tasks Gone Awry

I've been working a little bit on what I thought would be a couple of simple things, but apparently not. I created a very simple splash screen to display while my app is downloading the XML files (and before the game is actually playable). I read in a few places that all I needed to do was create a file called default.png (or Default.png depending on who wrote it) and it would work automagically. Apparently not quite.
My second task to to try to get the game running on my iPhone. Because, you know, that's like where it's actually going to be played. :) So I followed Apple's directions on how to create an "ad hoc" release (as opposed to an App Store release). I installed it on Windows and sync'd my phone. And was told that it couldn't install Wizards. *sigh* Some poking around leads me to believe that it's a problem with iTunes 8, of all things, and that until Apple fixes iTunes I'm pretty much SOL. :(
The third thing has been going much better, though, which was creating the images for inventory items. That seems to be relatively complete now (LOTS of trolling the web for images). I'm not sure that I'm providing enough inventory items, but it seems like it's coming together. At least ONE thing is going as anticipated. :)
Lots more to do, but I want to get the splash screen done (I found a tutorial to try out) and then I need to start looking at character creation. Then I think it's time to build the DBs online and start pulling data from the net. And then the fun stuff - combat!