Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fantastic news!

As I sit at home working on real work (and the occasional OVP work), I received a phone call from England (the +44 country code was a dead giveaway :). Anyway, I thought it might have been our friend Verona Chard (who is amazing), but it was APPLE! They called to confirm that my enrollment in the Developer Program had been verified and that everything was moving forward. They're sending an email with some more information about the program, but I did finally get notice that I'm officially in the program.
Yay. And yay again.
[Updated: 15:29] On the weather front, it's been very reasonable around the house. We've got about 5" of snow here, which is supposedly 9" less than we got at the old house. It's still snowing at a good clip, but the forecast is only calling for another 1-3", which is not all that much. I had been expecting more than a foot and 8" is manageable.