Friday, March 27, 2009

Storm update

This has nothing to do with development, but I went out this morning to get the final storm totals here at the house. In places I've only got about 5" of snow, but on the lawn (which is actually where it counts) it's 11.5". That's good news for my lawn, which has been languishing in the unseasonably warm and dry weather we've been having.
School's closed again today, so I'm working from home. Cathy's also running a fever, so it sort of didn't matter whether school was closed or not. Not sure what's going on with her, as she hasn't really "seemed" sick over the past day, but she definitely ran a fever this morning (101.3).
That's all for now. Still not update on the Apple website about my approval nor any email from them. I'll post when I hear.