Saturday, March 28, 2009

Trivia Update

It's been a pretty good few days. I've finished the basic game play for trivia. I had previously done some background graphics and those worked beautifully in the game. There are still some things to do:
  • Icons for all of the categories (for buttons)
  • Question parsing in the application
  • Question creation on server
  • Database storage for game persistence on iPhone
  • More questions than I can even possibly imagine
I have been considering using XML as the format for the questions. I like it for a variety of reasons, but the problem is that its a very verbose format. Data transfer is always a concern with iPhone apps and the smaller the format and the more compression I can do, the less I need to worry about killing someone's phone while they play. I may still use XML as the full format but compress it before I send it.
As for the rest of it, the major part of the work that I need to do is get the server to start serving the pages. I'm going to be getting a basic XML file set up on the website so I can at least see it serve the file and then parse it on the app side. Then I can add a small interface one both sides to compress/decompress the data.
On the dev program front, I still haven't received the email or seen the website update yet. I'm hoping that soon things will be sorted out and updated.