Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Progress on Samantha

I've been working over the weekend on Trivia primarily, getting things working with XML. I had a good chat with my mom and given the lack of questions that I have and the upcoming deadline for Samantha, I decided to put the Trivia game back on the back-burner and focus on Samantha. I've got a wiki up on my website where I'm putting the user stories. It's interesting working with the wiki instead of my older standby, but I think the wiki is a little better. I get to see modifications over time, I can categorize both by "user story" and by "iteration"... It's not what I'd recommend for organizations looking to integrate agile processes into their development teams, but if you've got a team (read: me) that's as familiar with agile as I am, then it's a reasonable shortcut. Besides, I've been using the wiki for a variety of other things (creating the back story, etc).
So far I've only got about 5 stories in the wiki, but I think I've got a handle on the other stories I need to add. I've done a lot of ruminating on the game and I think I've got the systems down. There's a LOT of back story left to fill in as well as tables and TABLES of things to create (combat stuff, etc). The cool thing is that I've been working on the tab control for navigation and I have an awesome image for one of the tabs. It came out SO nice - I was amazed. I've still got 3 other tabs to get looking similarly excellent, but it was just so cool to see that come out as well as it did. I'll start posting pictures when I get closer to having it together.
In other news, still no word back from Apple on the developer program. It's only Wed and there was a weekend involved, but I had hoped that I would hear something back sooner. I guess even Apple moves at the speed of bureaucracy. :) The website still shows "need company documents" as well. I'm just in a holding pattern right now - when it changes, I'll post.
One major piece of personal news. A few months ago we were talking to my best friend Dan about his daughter and the Denver Broncos Junior Cheerleaders. I thought that since he was a big Broncos fan that it might be cool if his daughter Amy tried to get into the program. I thought they had agreed it would be cool, so I signed Cathy up. Only to find out later that they hadn't signed up Amy. Okay. But now - Cathy's able to join! She's been excited about the prospect of being a cheerleader, so now we need to find out if she's still interested even if Amy's not doing it. We'll see, but it's kind of a big deal for us. We're not huge Broncos fans (I think the last game I went to or really even watched was in 2005), but Cathy's a big cheerleader fan. I'm trying not to post too much about personal stuff in this dev blog, but occasionally exciting things like that will slip in. :)
I guess that's it for now. Tonight we're getting more snow - 2" to 6" - but it's not the amount that's an issue, it's when - rush hour. Yay, joy. :( Oh well. And more snow on Saturday. Maybe I'll get stuck at home and work loads and tons on Samantha. :) Of course, I'm going to need Beta testers... Need to start exploring the options there...