Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Time flies...

Wow. Has it really been almost 2 weeks since my last post? I wish I could say that more has happened, but I can't. It's been a rough couple of weeks personally - just lots going on with health issues (Susie sprained her ankle and I got the crud from hell). We had Taekwondo testing (we're all purple belts now - yay!). We had a birthday party and I had to make up work on a Sunday...
Last Saturday (the 18th) I actually took the day off. We had plans to do a lot that day but we got about a foot of snow and decided that we could really use just *one* day to relax and recuperate. I wish it had been more recuperative, but you get what you get.
I've been working on the UI still for Samantha over the past few weeks. It's slowly coming together, but I'm getting bogged down in some details that I didn't want to deal with quite yet. It's been slower than I hoped (or can afford, I fear). I may have to bust a move this weekend or next to get it going. I mean, next week is MAY for goodness sakes. Damn, but time does fly. I still have at LEAST 6 weeks of solid work left before I can call the game a game. I just wish I could devote full-time periods to getting this done. I'm now helping teach some TKD classes (once week and two more times per month), so it's not a huge burden, but it does wear me out mentally and physically. I just need to get some focus on and get this stuff hammered out. The fact that I STILL haven't heard from Apple about the Dev Program is just beginning to piss me off now.
I sent them ANOTHER email tonight asking them what's going with my enrollment. I mean, it's been almost a month since I got a call saying I'd been approved. WTH man? Like I said - it's a VERY good thing that I'm not sitting on a completed app at this point. I've got some small stuff I'm going to test out (just some sample apps and stuff) just to see how the process works, but if I'm not getting my enrollment completed, I can't do any beta stuff, which makes it hard to see how the process works. Grrr. I'm planning on calling on Monday if I don't get anything between now and then. This is starting to go from ridiculous to downright mean-spirited. 
Anyway, I've got an early morning and a late night tomorrow (more TKD), so I'll end it here. Hasta til later.