Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Victory is Mine!

Well, almost, but the Stewie quote was too good to pass up. I FINALLY got the approval completed with Apple! I finally gave up and called them. I spoke to a very nice gentleman and we got everything squared away. He did say "I don't know why you haven't been processed", which led me to believe that something got horked after the last phone call from them. But he completed the processing and I got my email from Apple and then I sent them money for my enrollment. I need to wait for it to get processed and have my account updated, but that should happen in 24 hours (so the website claims). My Dev Center now reads "Activation Required" which is a very good thing. Change is good. :)
Samantha is coming along slowly. I've been working a little bit at it over the past few days, but nothing has been completed yet. I've been tweaking some UI elements lately (which is completely pointless at this stage and I need to stop doing it). I'm going to try to spend my time over the next several days getting all of the page flows working correctly. THEN I'll start working on the content. I've added the basis for character data and that's been going well.
Anyway, it's been a banner day. Thankfully this hell has mostly completed and I should be finished with this thing soon.