Sunday, June 28, 2009

Busy Day

So we had one of Cathy's friends - Ashley - over for a sleepover last night. Cathy had a bit of meltdown today about Ashley drinking the last of the Horizon chocolate milks. *sigh* Beyond that, it was a good sleepover.
On the game front I got a LOT accomplished today. I started the day with about 75 spells in my list. I started working around lunch time and this afternoon hit 160 spells (32 spells in each of the affinities). I wasn't looking forward to copying/pasting them into XML as it would be an arduous task, but I found a quick way to do - OpenOffice did all the work for me! I just had to make sure that everything came in Oxygen XML Author correctly - and it did. So it ended up being a much easier process than I expected, which is a great thing.
Since then I've been working on the UI for the spellbook. It's been a bit more difficult as custom cells in UITableViews aren't working the way I keep thinking they should. I've got a bug I'm working on right now (which is why I'm blogging :) that is causing me a bit of difficulty. The cell isn't loading properly from the NIB, which I can't figure out. I'm hoping I can figure out before I go to bed tonight. It's getting late, so I need to get cracking on it.
I'm feeling SO much better about things as I've managed to get tons of things accomplished in the past couple of days - and after a week when I accomplished little. Whew! :)