Saturday, June 27, 2009

UIPickerView Woes

I've been working on finishing up wands. I think the costs are done and coded, but I'm having some trouble with the text size on the picker view itself. I've got the following look right now:

Obviously, the issue is that you can't read the wand core. And the material (the left picker) is just the right size to display the longest material names. I've tried to find ways to alter the font size on that, but there's a method that I've seen spoken about -
 pickerView:viewForRow:component:view - that theoretically would fix it, but I end up with blank UILabels being displayed. It's actually quite off-putting tha
t it's not working. I wish that the font size were easier to set on these things, but apparently all I can really do is change the width of the picker easily. In this particular case, that does very little for me.
I'm still beating up on it and don't plan to sleep until it's resolved. Hopefully that'll be soon. :) Then I can start working on other things.

Update: So I found out the problem I was having was that I didn't create a frame. :( I fixed that and now I get the following image:

Obviously this looks much better and may require some tweaking, it's definitely better than what I had. :) And I've ordered the wand cores alphabetically which should help make things easier to find. Yay.