Friday, July 10, 2009

Good Progress

After resolving my problems with the modal view this morning (MUCH faster than expected), I spent a lot of the day working on integrating my server back-end with the app. Things have been working well there, but I've got a little left to get sorted out. I've written a lot of server code recently, but thankfully I had some code base to work off of, so it hasn't all been new code. As things stand now, I'm hoping to get questing started tomorrow. Once I get quests in I think we can start looking at doing an alpha. :) There should be enough stuff that people can start playing with it. There are still quite a few gaping holes, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I'm thinking that if I continue on with the rate of progress I've been making I should be able to stick a fork in this thing by the end of the month. A lot behind when I wanted to get it done, but about in line with how long iPhone apps take to develop and test.
Anyway, it's been a long week but I've managed to get some things accomplished. Now I'm into the more mundane database work that I know pretty well, so things may start to pick up a bit. That's my hope. And my hope, certainly, springs eternal. :)