Thursday, May 27, 2010

Alpha 1 Troubles Continue

I've been trying a variety of different methods to characterize what's happening with my application, but, to date, they've been unsuccessful. I was looking at some crash logs from my phone, but I've been unsuccessful in getting symbolic information for the crash logs. I've been looking online for a solution, but no luck. What I know is that it's not crashing in my code directly - rather, it's buried pretty deep in some core Apple code (which is never terribly helpful). I've been trying to undo the changes I had done to see if that resolves the problem, but, again, no love. I did add some logging to my app and it all seems very happy - my code loads fully and THEN I have a crash.
This is probably the most difficult kind of issue to resolve. First, you don't have anything but the crash logs. Using symbolicatecrash is not an ideal solution to resolving problems. I may need to turn my phone into a dev device and see if I can debug from there. I actually still have several avenues of attack, but they're more alleys than avenues or boulevards. :)
Will keep you updated.