Friday, June 18, 2010

Illness = No Work

So since my production of Patience I've been feeling "not too well". I had some kind of bronchitis thing going on the first week of production, but got on antibiotics and felt awesomely better by the end of the run. Then it came back. Right now I'm finding it hard to breathe while I sit at the computer. And that's after taking Mucinex DM.
One of things I try to avoid doing while ill is coding. I found pretty early on that my thought processes don't operate at peak efficiency and that I end up having to refactor some of the code I write while under the weather. It's not as bad as a CUI (coding under the influence), but it's a close second.
This illness has delayed my work on OttoJotts, but things are progressing. I've got scrolling working properly and added some information about which guess has been posted. I still have several things to finish for this alpha - primarily statistics tracking. I'm doing it locally for alpha 2 and will store it in the DB for alpha 3+. Alpha 3 may incorporate multiplayer or I may punt on that until Alpha 4 - still deciding how much work needs to be done for the current tasks associated with 3.
Overall, I'm just hoping that I'll be getting better and then able to focus on getting the alpha work done. And then get it out to my testers. Or so I hope.