Monday, June 21, 2010

Surprising Progress

So I got some sleep Friday night after posting up about how crappy I felt. Saturday wasn't bad - I could breathe (mostly) and I had some level of mental alertness. We had an errand to run involving a road trip to Laramie (about 2.5 hours away "by way of the regular highway" (article here and lyrics here). We saw a flyer at Cathy's gymnastics for a dog looking for a new forever home. We called up Susie's mom who agreed to take the dog provided Susie thought it would be a good match. We met the dog (his name is Tank) on Wednesday, thought it would work, and picked him up Friday. Saturday was the hand-off to the mother-in-law in Laramie, so we packed everything up and headed off north. Had a pretty relaxing trip back Saturday night and I crashed pretty hard that night.
By Sunday I was feeling a LOT better, despite being awakened way too early by Cathy (she doesn't quite understand the whole "daddy gets to do what he wants to on Father's Day"). Still, I felt much better Sunday and decided to finish up Dragon Age: Origins (which I did). It was a somewhat hollow victory, though, so I went back a few saves to play a different path through the game. I'll be curious to see what's different about the two paths.
The good thing was by not working on OttoJotts at all on Sunday I was that much more excited about doing it today. I went home for lunch and got some good work in on the game. Makes me wish I didn't need to go back because things were working well. I've got a few screens added at the beginning of the game to allow players to create games. I've done a little bit with the multiplayer stuff, but that's actually not an Alpha 2 item but more like Alpha 4. Still, the basics are there for it. The single player selection is coming together pretty well.
I also touched base with a UI designer to see if she'd be interested and what she'll charge for doing the UI for it. Right now it's pretty cheesy, but it's functional. I'd like this to actually be good (maybe even compete with Words with Friends kind of good) and I know enough about my limitations to know that won't happen if I do it. :)
I've also touched based with Greystripe, a in-game advertiser that does the ads for Words with Friends, and will be looking at incorporating that into the game. That's a later addition as well. Maybe Alpha 3 as Alpha 4 is looking pretty full with the multiplayer games being added.
So, I'm pretty happy with things despite losing an entire weekend (well, one day by choice). I think Alpha 2 release might be this weekend if things keep going well, even if I run into a few bumps on the road. I did realize this weekend that I've been working on this (very) part-time since 29 April. That's kind of scary, actually, but things are progressing. It's just an important personal milestone to get this done and out in the wild. Once that happens, I feel like I can really claim to be an independent game developer. :)