Friday, March 13, 2009

Otto Von Logo Redux

So I spent some time playing with some clipart that I got from a heraldry site and created a new logo for Otto Von. It was interesting exploring Gimp again - I hadn't used it since I purchased a copy of Jasc's Paint Shop Pro a few years ago. Still, it was a good experience and I've updated the website with the new logo and made some additional changes to announce and explore the new direction.
One thing that may not be evident for some people who've known me for a while is that originally I had planned on having two companies - Otto Von Productions, which worked on business software, and Snowy Range Software, which made games. The reason was that I saw OVP as the catalyst that drove Snowy Range - without the income generated from business software sales, Snowy Range wouldn't happen. I've since modified my position such that I think that OVP really can work just on game software since the investment is pretty minimal (less than $2k on software and hardware) for mobile device game development and it's also what I originally wanted to do (write games).
So, there's a new logo on the site. There's a motto for the coat of arms - Cave Canem. I hope it precurses some great things to come. :)